Turquoise Charm
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Turquoise Charm


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What is Turquoise Charm

Turquoise Charm is a popular web novel written by the author Mila_Alaia, covering ROMANCE, ADVENTURE, COMEDY, MODERN, MYSTERY, ACTION, FRIENDSHIP, WEREWOLF, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 8.7K readers . The novel is being serialized to 12 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


A Mission! The campus days are turning out to be filled with dangers!! Lives are at stake. Four girls (witches-in-training) and a pack of Canis Lupus against a deadly enemy. When past unfurls itself and the hidden stories comes to light, the identity of the enemy may give them the shock of their lives. When she met him, her heart did warn her. But she refused to heed it. When his infectious smile made her feel warm, she forgot to build the wall. And when he held her heart in his palm, she let him. Knowing that it'll be shred to pieces with his sharp claws. She was like a whirlwind that wrecked havoc in his mind. Wild and mischievous, she made his wolf feel alive for the first time ever. But is she the one? He knew of the consequences, but refused to stay away. And hence started the story of a witch and a werewolf! Copyright 2020 by Mila Alaia All rights reserved Follow me on instagram: ink_hasnt_dried_yet


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This is a good book. Engaging and well written. Enjoyed reading till now... Hoping for more! I suggest you to have a read as it will not disappoint you


This book has a great start! The synopsis is interesting and I love it! Keep up the excellent work, dear author! I really enjoy reading your book!


This is the first fantasy story that glued me to my phone. Keep up the good work.I dont think I can stop reading it. looking forward to how it will turn out.


I suddenly bump into this story and it's easy to read, the story is developing very smooth. Keep it up author/writer, hope to read until it's ending.


Unlike other books that focus more on world descriptions and such, you focus more on dialogues and body language. And that's a plus. So far, so good. And I'll just drop my review here and read for more. Great job with this author.


The story is very interesting. The author has done a great job in all the details. I could literally see everything right in front of my eyes. It's a good read.


The story is interesting. The interaction between the characters are fun. The language is good. Update often please. So far so good...... Excited for more chapters!!!


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