1 Execution day

Dong bang! The iron gates that led to the cell of a young man automatically opened. Four tall and well-built jailers walked to this cell. in this gloomy cell, a young man who looked thin opened his eyes and mutter under his breath "is it time?"

The jailer hiddenly breathed a sigh of relief. The young man's name is makka a serial killer who murdered 4 boys he claimed that he saw 4 boys assaulting a young girl. when they interview the young girl she says "that they did not assault her and even says the suspect was going to kill her and she is alive because she fled and call for help."

The boys are from a high-class family so the Jailer knew what happened more or less, the only thought he had was that the young man is done for and he should not have meddled in others business. They took the young man out of the cell and walked to the conference hall where the execution is going to be held.

When they arrived makka thought about his life in the orphanage he liked to be alone and think "why my parents leave me?" he grows up to be independent he never asks for help he will learn from it and grow it may seem, he is cold to others but inside he is kind especially to the kids, and he liked his job as a teacher in pre-elementary he was content but the desire is never content.

After his work is done he arrived in Miss Ruo shop, when he entered a girl's notice him and approached him the girl had brown hair, green eyes glistening like an emerald. "hey how's your day?" He raised his head to see who it was and when he saw her, he smiled "not bad miss ruo."

Miss ruo is happy to see him because today is her birthday, and she is 34 years old today after they talked, she notices 5 individual hurriedly leave her shop, when she walked forward to check the situation, she saw a young girl with a miserable expression on her face, and 4 boys talking to the girl with craving in their eyes, she knew that the boys have no good intention for the poor young girl.

Miss Ruo is 34 years old today and I wonder what type of gift she wants? When makka is still dazed about what gift he should buy, he notices miss ruo worried expression and look to where she is looking, He saw 4 boys and a young girl and when they get out of the shop, he saw miss ruo following them.

"I know what gift she wants now," thought makka as he followed miss ruo and tapped her in the back. "miss ruo ill follow them just stay in the shop, "I'll be alright" smiled makka, when miss ruo heard what makka said she just nods and said worriedly "be careful."

A shriek could be heard in the back hallway a young girl is pleading to the boy in front of her "please stop!" The boy had a hideous face and pulled the girl face to see it closer, the young girl had a good looking face, long black hair, and sparkling brown eyes, when they saw her clearly they obviously can't wait anymore and said, "accompany us tonight then we'll give you money," the young girl face had a hesitation across her face, she is poor and her mother died in a car accident as she was about to reply.

Suddenly a distinct voice could be heard "hey girl want some help? When this voice traveled to the back hallway, the boys glanced in the direction and saw, a nice-looking young man around 18 years old, he had an angel face, dark blue hair like the depths in the ocean, and jet black eyes, when he hears no response he walked to them.

The boy nearest to him reached out his knife in his pocket and point it to him, "hey pretty boy get out here why I'm still in a good mood." when the other boys heard that, they laughed and thought "trynna be a hero." when he sees the knife pointed at him, a scared expression could be seen on the young man's face.

When they saw this they laughed, hearing the laughter of his friends he sneered and walked to him thinking, "that he should give this boy a lesson for interrupting their fun."

The young girl saw the scared expression on the young man's face, she thought "this young man is asking for it!" as she tried to get up she saw a scene she will never forget. when the boy finally reached the young man, the young man moves his legs like lighting and kicks the boy in the groin! when the other boys heard the crack sound, they felt a cold feeling in their jewels!

The boy never expect the young man to attack that fast and to his jewel at that, the pain is excruciating, then he felt a cold feeling in his neck when he touched it his eyes widened, and there seems to be a stone in his throat, the air leaves him and darkness filled his vision. the other boys stood rooted to their spot their face changed and their legs shaking petrified by what they witness to their friend.

When makka's done killing him, he just raised his head and continued to walk in the direction of the other boys who had terror attached on their faces, with a bloody knife in his hand, the scared expression is now replaced by an emotionless face like a porcelain doll, the young girl face is appalled in what she saw, she tried to get up and ran while screaming "Help! Murderer!" One of the boys tried to put a facade expression and said stuttering to the young man "do you know who you just killed?!"

The young man's expression is still the same it's as if a wind blows through his face and he dashed to the boy and plunged his heart. blood scatter in the hallway as he pulls out the bloody knife landing some of it in his face, the boy's face had a despaired expression on his face before he died making a loud stud noise in the ground his eyes still wide open as if he can't accept his fate.

Makka looked at the two boys with a frightened expression on their faces, their legs shaking the other boy release a foul-smelling odor in his pants, and said pleadingly "spare us! we'll give you money, right money just tell us how many yo-" before he finishes his words a blood drips from his neck like a painting art the slice is captivating for the young man eyes, when the boy saw his friend died in front of him he scamper while shouting help! Help me! With a knot in his face he started dashing out when he saw the light coming from the street he screamed hel- but he didn't finished his words as darkness enveloped him.

A police officer listened to the young girl in from of him the girl claimed that there's a murderer in the back hallway so he calls his partner and about to search the area. when a loud bang could be heard from the door and a middle-aged man walked in with veins popping out and he yelled WHERE IS MY SON! The police officer told him what the young girl says the middle-aged man has wrath written on his face and with an arrogant tone said let me talk to the girl. the police offer let him in he felt upset about how he orders him but he just let it go he has a family and can't afford to offend a noble.

When the police officer arrived, they saw a scene that shocked them in the back hallway a cold atmosphere could be felt and a young man is sitting on the corner with a smile on his face there are 4 corpses around him with a cut on their neck! the young man seemed satisfied with his art. the police officer raised his gun to the young man and shouted PUT THE KNIFE DOWN! When he saw the young man dropped the knife silently, he rushed to him and put a handcuff on his hand and led him out of the back hallway.

When he thought about what he did he did not feel regret about killing them. in the conference room miss ruo saw makka walked into the execution chair, a dejected expression could be seen on her face and confusion as to why he did that but she believed in him she just can't accept it. in the back a young girl could be seen a guilty expression flashed across her eyes.

When makka sits on the chair the judge sentenced him to death for killing 4 boys an electric could be seen on the young man's body before he lost consciousness there was a smile on his face, he remembers what the teacher in the orphanage said to him to always smile.

Thanks, Akurai for pointing grammars error!

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