69 What have you heard?

Maya waits for the sun to appear on the horizon in the dark as she peers through the window. As soon as she sees the first rays of sunlight, she jumps off the stool that she sat on next to the window and ran towards Kyrie and Ian's bedroom. She stops in front of the door, and tipping her toes, she reaches towards the doorknob. She twists it, and the door, on its own, opens up. She peeks inside and sees the two facing each other in bed. Kyrie's face is buried on Ian's chest. 

Kyrie rolls away. 

The movement on the bed makes Ian open his eyes. Sensing someone's stare, his eyes lands on Maya peeking in. He smiles at Maya. 

Maya smiles back and walks into the bedroom. Seeing that Kyrie is still asleep, Ian puts his finger on his lips to indicate Maya to keep quiet. Maya mimics Ian and puts her finger on her lips. 

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