1 introduction

main characters:

mia: innocent nerdy girl who has a crush on cole

liam: smart guy who like art, and playing sports

cole: athletic son of the President who hates skyler

skyler: sassy girl who likes to show skin and wants to steal everyone's fame so she can be famous Mr. Bouchard: teacher by day and a sexual abuser by night

other characters:

Alex: kid who works for Mr.Bouchard

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Aiden: kid who works for Mr. Bouchard

Madison: hostage of Mr. Bouchard/ pleasure toy, a nice shy girl who is a orphan

Anthony: spy working for Mr. Bouchard


cole and liam are fighting for mia's cute little heart but when she goes missing they start to suspect Mr.Bouchard as the kidnapper. Only he is looking for her too to get what he longed to have from her-- her long precious gold gloves--- skyler a sassy brat takes the chance to abuse her powers as teacher assistant to make everyone's life a living hell. Alex, Aiden, and Anthony are three boys who work for Mr. Bouchard but find the truth why he trained them into hot sexy ninjas. poor Madison is in the cross fire

author note- Hi im sugar and this is my very first EVER story I'm making...please don't hate it or say bad things about it...like I said I'm new to this and would appreciate some advice from you all (if anyone reads it)...well enjoy the introductions and I'll get started on the rest soon....ttyl mwah💙