Truthful BlabbermouthTruthful Blabbermouth

Truthful Blabbermouth

by LyingCrowPromises

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Alasta is a poor child granted a gift of a swift mouth by the God of Foolishness, Amrei. To survive, Alasta has to be careful when speaking, or else... Well, heads will fly, vampires would die of infuriation, fenixes would lose their feathers and pixies would have their mouth sewn. But no one can sew Alasta's mouth shut. Gods like a fool, they like entertainment. So, what will Alasta do? ------------------------------------------------------------- At a land so vast, why would anyone vie for something so irrelevant as wealth? Of course, clothing and food, as well as the roof above your head were nice to have. Alasta wouldn't deny that. But a word of inspiration from a passer-by was a lot more valuable. A thundering sound of horses galloping made the wind move. Isn't it interesting to speak for yourself, no matter what, no matter when? These are Alasta's discussions. From beggars to kings, they all know of Alasta, but they obey the spirits and use the title granted to Alasta by God of Foolishness, Amrei. Sunflower Bard, Alasta Seimus II was a blabbermouth that spoke the truth and nothing else. Please help me by donating to my Ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/maralynx Twitter: CrowLying

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