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What is Trusted Fairytale

Read Trusted Fairytale novel written by the author Meg_Goodhope on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Realistic Fiction stories, covering modern, sliceoflife, thriller, malelead, betrayal. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


"So suddenly now you want to know things now?" Mum asks this same question for the third time. "Mum, just answer the question you can't hide away from this forever," I tell her, still maintaining the stern and annoyed look on my face. "But why do you want to know about your brother that you don't already know about?" Mum answers. "Ugh... since I can't get a full answer on that, do you both mind explaining why my dads' death was staged?" I direct the question to both my mum and dad. *** Sometimes, you have to do things for just yourself regardless of what other people think because you might not get the chance to have a do-over. Andrew is a guy who had to be a doctor in order not to let his mother down and to pay his dead father respects. But deep down he wanted to be something else but he didn't have the courage to tell his mother no. His mother was someone he trusted, loved, respected and looked up to. Andrew had a perfect life, he lacked nothing. Later he finds out that his life isn't the fairytale he thought it was. All Rights Reserved

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To find a male lead novel is hard And to find a male lead novel where the MC isn't a flirt or isn't cocky is harder But Andrew is someone we all can relate to He expresses his emotions and doesn't pull up the big boys don't show emotions stunt. Though he's naive he's personality is on point. Adanna on the other hand acts like she's burdened or had guilt on her shoulders. My favorite characters are Adanna and Brent and though i haven't met him i feel he will make this book worth reading Plus he sounds humorus I must commend the writter for the great plot There are some Grammer errors with punctuation errors but an editor can fix that. But i feel chapter 4 was a bit rushed


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I will give my honest opinion. I found the plot of the novel interesting, anyone can relate to this MC and his relationship with his family facilitates this, the MC's personality expressing his emotions helps the reader to better understand his own character. All in all it's a good novel.


The story was about the do-over of the MC. A captivating plot that made me touched by the storyline itself. This is something that many of us relate to. Wanting to restart again to correct or not do again caused our regrets. Story development at its finest. Five stars!


Great story even though there was grammatically errors it didn't hinder the storyline... if your looking for a novel that has a slice of life, this is the novel for you 🙃🙃


Good storyline and character background. The character motivations are very relatable and this story feels real. The author is in the right direction. Good job.


This is a very wonderful realistic novel that I'm sure many can relate to, especially if they have things to relate to. The novel is written in the present tense which I found very strange and confusing since they are supposed to be written in the past tense. Disregarding that, the novel is a hidden gem with lots and lots of potential. Beautiful work [img=recommend]


It has an interesting storyline. The plot was very intriguing. The story pulls the readers to read more of it. The story's progress was well-paced, and the placement was comprehensible. The characterization was also relatively good, but it gets shaky during conversations. However, the lack of details to descriptions was making it a little confusing at times. There are few grammatical and punctuation errors that need to be revised and edited. Even if the story was successfully conveyed to the readers, I think that it would be best to work on those issues because I believe that this story has great potential and could be better. No offense meant to the author, and I wish you the best of luck!


INTERESTING!!!!! It's a plot that can make the readers hook. Firstly, I like the way the writer projected the story. I personally loved the sister, her way of living or her process of thinking is perfect. Secondly, I like how the character description is done equally to all the characters. Honestly I didn't feel any hassle while reading too. Overall, its a good book with a good amount of suspense element. Keep Going!!!


The story is truly touching and quite relatable, being awaken from a fake utopia is my type of plot after all. Although I've seen lots of stories of this theme, this one's unique in its own way. The characters are portrayed to be realistic, as well as their actions but reading it is very entertaining. So, the writing quality is well and decent but I believe there are still room for improvement (purely from a reader's pov, I'm not a professional writer either). I suggest you add more descriptions to the dialogues or describe the current scenario in a more detailed manner, to aid with the reader's visualization. There were some grammatical errors but that's totally fine and does not get in the way of understanding the story (I myself commit that most of the time lmao but too lazy to check them), proof reading is the key, YAS. All in all, the slice of life genre was given justice to and that's a big thumbs up! The story development is good and I am looking forward to how it will progress further. Keep it up!


The writing quality is well and the story flows good. Andrew is an interesting male lead and I am really curious about his past now. Definitely recommend it.


First, the book's synopsis struck me that it would be mainly about family matters, but it is definitely more than that. Second, The main strength of the story for me is the plot and having a relatable male MC, it is cool to have such a character. Third, The book's character design and story development were awesome and well-thought, I love the pacing and progression of the story while keeping some cliff-hangers from time to time. Fourth, the writing quality was good, there were technical and grammatical errors here and there but they can be fixed. However, maybe this is just a personal opinion feel free to disregard it hehe, I would suggest that there would be descriptions of the character's emotions among the dialogues such as their facial expressions, mannerisms, etc. Overall, the story was awesome, can't wait for the next chaps!


This story truly depicts the truth of the lives of most of the people in modern times. The plot and characters are very lifelike and also, their interactions are what we can experience just by reading. Character design is one of the main attractions of this story. The characters come to highlight with every interaction and their nature's and actions are easily distinguishable. The plot is also amazing and keeps you hooked up. Truly a great work by the author


I am loving how the characters are been developed and even the story. the writing is also so good. well, I am hoping the author can update the chapters more often. great work🌸🌸


This is a really cool novel. Ranging from the plot to the characters, everything is relatable and likeable. The writing might be improved, but the storyline, alongside the dialogues, is absolutely amazing. It was an enjoyable read. Looking forward to more chapters!


I have to say.. Wow! I love the character development and the banter! The conversations are so natural and so interesting!! I need more chapters! I need them now!!


Damn, you need to read this story. So the story starts with are mc who looks plain at first sight (he is a doctor not plain at all) who doesn't seem to know what is happiness? Is he really satisfied with his life? He is always trying to measure his happiness from his moms perspective. But one day when his sister comes back home after a year she discloses a secret. Will this secret change his life for better or worse? Let's know his journey through the beautiful Story. Writing Quality - I really like author's writing it feels like we are living with the characters in those moments. I could feel the tension between the mc and his sister when he was dropping her. Story development - The pace might seem slow sometimes but those scenes really are there to give depth to the character. Character design - All the characters aren't just character in the novel we come across them in real life mc's close friend, the single mother who doesn't like people pitying her, mc himself who feel indebted towards his mother. World background - It was refreshing to read about different cultures and country's. The author didn't shy away from world building. Will i recommend this story? Yeah, it really made me think for a moment. I from the start was skeptical about mc's sister as I thought of her as someone frivolous but as the story went further her side of story was told. I failed at judging both daughter and mother, so I recommend not doing the same mistake. Keep up great work author. ☺️👍


This is fresh and that's the first compliment I will like to put out there. We have read about prince, princess, vampires, kingdoms, superhumans and the list go on, there aren't much novels here that shows us a realist approach in a common person's life. I could connect with the MC Andrew and how his life has been all about making his mom happy, which to be hones is not a bad thing but in the pursuit of his mom's happiness he somewhere lost the meaning of happiness and fulfilment in his own life, The story is very well written. And I liked the characters and the conversations they have between them. I liked the story and I will be willing to read more of this, so please keep up us updated with new chapters. And Keep up the good work Author :)


Honestly, the story is good. Though there are 7 chapters so far, the author dives really deep into the main character and tries to make him relatable. The writing quality is fairly good with a few structural mistakes here and there. (rather than structural mistakes it's more like the author could've used a better choice of words) still, I shall give him 5 stars. Also because the story is relatively short (7 chaps) I am willing to believe in the author and give him 5 stars. It's looking promising so far, and because of the small amounts of chap, I can't really give it anything less than 5 as character dev, world-building doesn't just get built in a few chapters. The only thing that prevents me from giving this a full 5 stars is the stability of updates which is like once a week. I can only give it 4 stars as of now. Keep up the good work


Great work. The author has done a great job bringing Andrew to life. The twist that comes and him having the courage to start over. It is truly inspiring. A great read. Cant wait to read what happens next.


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