TRUST: Steps to Your Heart and Soul.... Book

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TRUST: Steps to Your Heart and Soul....


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- 'As I sulkily dragged myself to a gents- no LADIES BATHROOM! Wait I'm no trans man, I'm a healthy functioning tomboy girl.' -"I LOVE YOUR DICK!" "BrUh YoU kIdDinG mE?!?!?!?!?!?" - "THEN WHY YOU GRAB MY DICK IN MY DREAM? AND THEN MAKE AN ISLAND OF BANANAS THAT ARE ACTUALLY YOUR DICK?" - "Stfu you Aquarius- pisces cusp whore!" After 5 minutes....... "So we have stuffed the author in my car trunk so no problem." This is not a story about love between two girls. It is about building trust with each other. It's about finding love in a person, right in their soul. It's not a la la romance, it's a war for everyone. War with oneself and war with other narcissists. It's about a tomboy Ash who has deep feelings for her friend Kalynne. Her parents abandoned her when she was three. As she tries to find her confidence to admit her love to Kalynne, she also builds trust with her foster mother, with herself and her love. Life was never easy for Kalynne, full of chaos. Being surrounded with a family full of superficiality, she tries to grow out of the darkness which surround her,while trying to discover her feelings for Ash as she builds her trust in her best friend slowly but surely. While she's set to find a new family in her friends. Will their dreams take them where they want to go? Will their never ending war come to an end? Will Kalynne be ever able to discover this Light within her and this love? 'Love equals Friendship...' Theme: building relationships/trust, narcissism, winning inner battles, eternal love Your grateful author, かな恵ー Disclaimer: Contains the explicit use of offensive language.


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