Truly Unfair Justice
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Truly Unfair Justice


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What is Truly Unfair Justice

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"Oh young man, won't you become my champion?" A bright and shining light enveloped her body as she descended from the heavens. "I will bestow upon you power and glory for as long as you remain by my side!" A little kid? Is this some kind of scam? Why don't you come back in 10 years? I've labored through hardships, demon kings and slayed countless blight, yet you offer something I don't lack? Why don't you go back to your grandpa and ask for a new toy? Image source: Abo, Satoru

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Please wait until ten chapters are out before reviewing! Then you can bash and beat the living daylights out of me! (Not that I mind, mind you.) Constructive criticism? Pfft, nah, take your best shot! Slam me as you wish! But please don't hurt me too badly. Be a bit gentle! It's my first time, okay?


Lured by the cover and your nickname - I smelled a kindred loli-loving spirit - so I came here to check it out. Surprise! The novel is written with the correct kind of English that I like, not the hard to read broken stuff that has to be deciphered first and put through grammar check before reading, just for this alone you gained my approval and I started reading. The beginning chapters were too short, they should be at least 2k words each and unfortunately ended in a flash, but they were easy to read. As for the story itself, looks good. I gave you a full score to encourage its further development. I will be back later when there will be enough content to allow me a few good hours of reading. Let's see if then your story will deserve a full five-star review without the additional encouragement boost, (without it I would give you ~4).


I need 10 chapters before i can tell anything. Worth a read though. I think I see where the author is going and it looks fun.


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