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true wildcard - abandoned


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Alex is a 18 year old London college student, in a world full of magic, he is cardless the first of his kind, someone without a card mark since the great collapse, at least thats how it is on the surface, his life consists of him being beaten down by many of those around him, the rank 3s and below take out their frustration on him the 4-7’s think he is a waste of space and the rank 8+ don’t even think he is worth their time. Alex has a lot of hate towards the current society and thinks humans nature itself is the root of a majority of the worlds problems, before it was money that separated the classes, now it is money and magic. Alex’s Card Mark is in fact the Joker, a card with no denoted rank or suit and due to its inherent trickster nature doesn’t manifest without a catalyst rather than age. In his case he hadn’t experienced a catalyst, an event that could change his life to a great degree. However someone intervenes and awakens his power and allows it to manifest and he begins to slowly cause ripples in the world around him.

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