575 Myriad Calamity Sea

Translator: CKtalon

To cultivate the "Myriad Beast Totem", one needed to kill large numbers of top grade desolate beasts to form their Aspect Totem. The so-called "ten thousand" number was actually fictitious.

Warriors who cultivated the "Myriad Beast Totem", could change the form of their Aspect Totem, or they could even produce different types of Aspect Totems. Every Aspect Totem form could constantly absorb and condensed Power of Desolates, gradually improving and evolving itself.

With the Aspect Totem evolving, every different Aspect Totem could give a particular boost to the cultivator. For example, it could give the cultivator greater speed, greater offensive power, or an improvement in a particular law.

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Yi Yun's Golden Crow Totem allowed Yi Yun to grasp and use pure Yang laws better.

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