True love never dies? Book

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True love never dies?


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This is a science fiction, romance and tragedy story for adult audiences. It tells a tragic romance of a handsome, dark and mysterious young man of 27 years of age and of two beautiful pure and virtuous girls of 15 and 21 years respectively. Fate brought them together in mysterious circumstances. He was a being with an angelic face and a look of innocence but inside there was a dispute between the light and a great Darkness that as this novel progresses, they will be revealed, like him with an angelic face and a look of purity but within it lived the purest Light. As the three of them learn, hidden truths are revealed through dreams and visions of a past life, where they had a great love affair in the mysterious and dark city of Transylvania in the 17th century. But a great evil that worked in the occult, managed to separate them in a tragic ending. After spending around 300 years, fate unites them again and that evil resurfaces again to prevent them from being together once again. Will this love of these twin souls succeed in defeating evil? What great Darkness does this mysterious young man hide? Can their Light of Love defeat their Darkness? Could it be that Love never dies? As you go into this tragic love story, you will see how some beings of supreme wickedness were behind everything to prevent this true love of these twin souls from being able to fulfill the mission that would turn out to be a purpose of Divine Providence.