1 All 'bout me

"Morning sir. What would you like to have?"

"Umm.... I would like to have frappe, please." He asked.

"To go or here?"

"To go." He replied.

"Your good name sir."

"Choi Woo Shik." I was a bit shocked to hear his name.

"Aren't you the one who acted in the Oscar winning film 'Parasite'?" I asked.

"You do recognise me. But you aren't surprised." He said and smiled.

"Well, it's not new for me to not see actors or idols, daily. Many of them spend their time here. And there are fans, who take photos with them." I said.

"And here's your order." I handed his drink and he paid and left.

It was my break time and I headed to the staffs room and sat down.

"Y/n!!!!" I heard a very familiar voice.

"Hana!!" I said and hugged her tight, as I saw her.

"I missed you so much." I said and broke the hug.

"Me too." She replied.

"So, how is your mother doing? Is she feeling better now?" She hadn't come for work, as her mother was not feeling well and was admitted at the hospital.

"She is recovering slowly. She got discharged yesterday. I am really thankful to you and your mother Y/n. If my mom is alive, it is all because of the help you did." She said and hugged me.

"Babe, if I don't do for my love, who else will I do? I will always be with you, remember that. And no thanks or sorry between us." I said and consoled her.

We both took the day off and headed to spend some time together.

On our way to the shopping mall, Hana looked at me.

"Gurl, what is it? Ask me." I said.

"Y/n-shii, are you free this Sunday?" She said.


"You know how much I love BTS and finally I have got tickets for their fan meet. So.." She paused.

"So?" I dragged it.

"Please come with me for it. You know I can't control myself when I see them. I might do something stupid and I know you'll stop me." She said.

"Love, you don't need to ask me. When have I never said no to you." I said and I saw a wide smile on her face. She hugged me and was in the verge of crying.

"We are here. Let me get you a good dress to the fan meet." I said and we both got down. We entered and bought whatever we found best and had fun the entire day.

We soon headed home and I flopped on the bed.

"Today was so tiring." Hana said.

"I'm going to sleep. Good night." I said and slept. Tomorrow I've got a tight schedule.

I am Choi Y/n, 23 years and I am the daughter of Mr and Mrs Choi, owner of the Choi Company. My father owns one of the biggest companies in Seoul. My father an di aren't actually in good terms. He wants me to take over his company, but I really don't like getting into business. I have interest in special make-up and since I said this to my entire family, that I don't want to do business and pursue my dream, my mom has been a great support to me.

My mother is one of the best person, I could ever ask for. My mom has stopped my dad from everything he tried to do to me. My mom is a professor at a college and she supports everyone who has big dreams. Not only me, but she also supports my brother, in his decision.

My brother, Choi Beomgyu, 4 years younger than me, has been a great support to me. Even though my father praises him a lot, he supports me in my decision. My father compares me and him, that he is interested in doing business while I am not. But he is doing this for me, cause he wants the best for me. He dreams to be an idol. But he hid it and said that he'll do business.

I couldn't tolerate being with my dad as everyday ended with a fight. So, I would sneak out of my room at times and stay with my friend, Hana. But now, I ended up living with her, as my dad's anger grew more and I didn't want to spoil anything that is happening now.

Hana, my best friend, let me stay with her . She always supported me in what I did. Even after knowing about my family, she let me stay with her, for who I was, not money. I always poured my heart out to her and tell her all my problems. She has done a lot for me, so I also help her with the money I have. Her mother was ill, so I asked my mom and made her mother admit at the hospital and do the required treatment. We both work at the same place. At the morning, at a coffee shop and after lunch, at a supermarket.

She is also such a huge, crazy BTS fan. She gets crazy whenever she sees their pictures or posters or even she hears their song in public. She at least talks about any one member, everyday. 'Cute, handsome, sweet' These are some of the words she tells every time.

Unlike her, I don't listen to music nor watch any videos. I hardly know about the members and all I know is what Hana tells. At times, I forget that also. All I think about is my dream and how to pursue it. I love doing make-up. And I have this special interest in special effect make-up (or SFX), cause I think it's really cool and I feel that I can express myself or what I am feeling, by it.

I was going for classes, but I stopped cause I thought this was enough. During my free time, I would do it on myself or beg Hana. She'd love it at the end, but then cry again, as it takes a lot time to wash out. If not, I'd ask Beomgyu and he always said yes. He is the sweetest brother ever.

And this is me. This my story. And I want to walk more. I hope it does.

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