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Tropical Rush!


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What is Tropical Rush!

Tropical Rush! is a popular web novel written by the author Nicolas_Cavalieri, covering ROMANCE, MODERN, SLICEOFLIFE, ANIME, YOUNGADULT, UNIVERSITY, SCIENCE, SEINEN, TRAVEL, Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 18.5K readers with an average rating of 4.49/5 and 11 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 32 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Follow Miyuki-chan's journey to a far away tropical country aiming to become a top scientist in the world, while dealing with a culture shock and an inner psychological drama from a shy japanese girl that will try to get in her way!


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A fun read, and if one gets past the errors in writing, there's pretty good plot advancement and it's fun as a beach story read. Good characters to boot.


i just began to read this book and i can find myself in it lol i have experienced leaving my country to another one with new language and new culture i also live near the sea so lol i felt really connected to that novel :) as for now i love it i do really felt nostalgic reading your novel :D so thanks for that :)


I connected with the story because I felt that it can be related to oneself. The conversations are easy flowing and beautifully written. Overall I am waited to read more...Keep writing and great work..


A fun novel reminiscent of the classic beach episodes in anime. Writing quality is pretty good, with few errors. Characters are well developed, and plot is moving along nicely. Perfect for a summer read. Keep writing, author!


"Tropical Rush!" reads like a slice-of-life novel that edges more on realism and good-natured humor. There is a clear description of the main character's ideals and views, and she is quite a relatable character. The subtle interactions with the foreigners are cute, but I believe they can still be executed better. Think "Emily in Paris", but in Brazil, and a lot less more stereotypes (God, that show had so many stereotypes I wanted to puke). Anyway, back to the topic. This novel is a cute read; one that a mature person would like to read while thinking about life. So far, I haven't seen any major plot going on, so I can only categorize it as an entertaining slice-of-life light novel. Great job, author! Work on your grammar just a bit more so it'll become even better. Otherwise, keep it up!


I really like this story and find it very well written and easy to read. I really enjoy the depth of the characters, specially when this is applied to the mc, who has moved from Japan to Brazil, 2 very different countries with extremely different cultures. While reading, it is very interesting to see how she adapts to the new country and its people, despite their differences. I also enjoy the description of the scenes, they are very well done and I can quite easily picture the story in my head. I love the plot progression and I am looking forward to seeing what happens next


So from me, the tittle really made me more interested, I dont know why but I got stuck on my mind!! And the story is really good, for me based on the chapters that I've read, the story is not just about romance or what or it doesnt focus so far with those genre its about what the characters have been thru and it made really like this story..


This is a light-hearted story, one that is enjoyable just by itself and a nice morning read to start the day, with a cup of coffe or tea. However, it's more than that. The dramas the characters goes through are very relatable to a 20+ years old such as myself. Taking risks; leaving everything and everyone behind to achieve your own dreams; having to adapt to a completely new enviroment. And all of that is presented in an easy to digest menner, with a great mixture of humor, drama and plot twists. There's a clear influence of japanese culture (well, the main character is a Japanese studant named Miyuku that's studying abroad on Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, and the ilustrations could be any manga cover) on the way the writer presents his story, and some scenes seems to be easily translated into any anime or manga. And since the Brazillian and Japanese cultures are worlds apart from one another, these contrast only adds up to the hardship (and funny moments) that Myuki has to go through. Despite the relationship between the characters being constantly build up and becoming more and complex and interesting, it's not one of those stories that only gets interesting after 100+ pages. After reading the first few chapters it's really easy to get a feeling for the story. If you're currently facing a transition moment in your life, enjoys learning about culture contrast and are an anime/manga fan, I can't recommend this story enough. Just give it a go.


Good story! The characters were lovable and very relatable, especially when it comes to the narrative of our protagonist. There are times when her thoughts on what she experience shouts reality and that's very inspiring. You know the majority of the setting and it gives us, the readers, a nice overview of it as the story progresses. You have your own style of writing, very anime-type which works as I see, although I do suggest that you research more on how to write women. So far, nice job! Keep writing and updating!


Very well then, it's no lie, I love romance, anime, honestly anything japanese related is an instant win for me. And this story right here is my jam, this is the type of story that I like to read as it has one particular thing, that is one my secret passions, psycology, and if not explored well can be rather bad time, but not here my dear friends that will read this review as the Author was able in the chapters that he provided to show me (and hopefully you) how it's done. I liked the main lead Miyuki quite a lot, and the other characters too but Miyuki takes top spot, I relate with her a lot and I think we all can (I know I'm being quite vage here, but I'm doing it on purpose as I want you to read it, and experience this for yourselves, the same way I did, no spoilers basically) Other than that the two bonuses we have are the drawings that the Author provides and the very well writen story, with no grammar mistakes (as far as I'm concerned) All in all, I want the Author to keep going and I will be coming back for more, as he got something good here and I want everyone to at the very least to give it a try, if the first chapter dosen't get you I don't know what will!


Your story is very refreshing and I'm not saying that because it takes place in a tropical country. It feels like a breath of fresh air. The situations in which the main character is involved are very interesting and I like the way you narrate everything. Stay like that.


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