1 Welcome To Town

Running through the concrete jungle, a young man could be seen being chased by a group of smartly dressed men donning both black shades and suits to match.

Turning a corner, the man being chased took the time to turn around and yell back at his pursuers:

"I REGRET NOTHING! Your young master's hair looks like the head of a broom…no, its more like a dead rat. Bah, I will laugh at it today and tomorrow as well!"

The chasing men were not amused to say the least, shown expressly by how their faces turned red with anger and their jog turned into an all-out maddening sprint as they bulldozed over people who were in their way knocking them down like bowling pins. Oddly enough, everyone who was knocked over landed with cat like agility and continued on their day like nothing had happened.

"I may regret saying that though…" muttered the young man as he continued to flee, wondering why he felt the need to say such a silly thing.

Eventually the young man found himself cornered in a construction complex, no way out in sight with no one around.

"Huh, I did feel as if they were leading me somewhere. Well shit…I don't want to have to use 'that'..." muttered the young man as he turned around to face the suited men who had been chasing him for now close to half an hour.

Slowly they crowded into the complex, blocking the entrance with their massive frames completely crushing any chance of escape.

Eventually three of them walked forward, one in front and two behind the leader in clear deference. The lead man was not as bulky as the rest of them, a rather thin middle aged man with slicked back hair and a small pair of glasses on his nose.

He looked upon whom he had pursued all this time with a cruel glint in his eye and a sadistic smile upon his face.

"You…Ryker, was it? You just had to open your mouth and dare talk trash about our glorious master's new hair style. Now look at what you got yourself into, a situation where there is only one outcome: to squeal like a little pig as I crush your bones and flay your skin" said the man, licking his lips all the while.

The young man, or rather Ryker, simply sat down where he stood and faced the man with a bored expression on his face.

"Yeah, I felt like you would say something cliché like that. Do you want to paint the walls with my blood as well, or maybe pluck my toe and finger nails and push them into my skin?" said Ryker while yawning.

The man pushed up his glasses in confusion, wondering why the boy in front of him was so calm.

"Why yes, now that I think about it I do want to do just that. How cooperative of you… Are you perhaps some kind of sexual deviant?" asked the man, a look of disgust on his face.

"Nononono, what the hell man. Its just that you are, you know, predictable. The acts of cruelty you commit due to your obsession with inflicting pain and suffering, probably born out of some kind of childhood trauma or dead parents…probably dead parents, its always dead parents. Anyhow, the short story is that I can read you like a book even with one eye closed and two fingers behind my back"

The man looked at his two associates behind him with a questioning look, which resulted in one of them quickly stammering "Boss you are not predictable at all boss. This kid is just trying to buy time with his words."

The other then spoke up, "Yeah boss, this kid is full of hot air. Let's hurry and fuck him! Wait no, not literally, like you know...inflict pain on him with our knives and fists!"

"Hes kinda cute, I wouldn't mind" came a voice from the crowd of suited muscular men blocking the entrance.

"What the hell Terry" groaned the two associates "What if he enjoys it idiot...ugh you are distracting me. Boss, just know the kid is trying to stall and that you are not predictable at all. Your novelty methods of inflicting pain always gives me and the other men the shivers."

The bespectacled man nodded, having his ego fed and his worries assuaged by his favorite yes men. He then produced a sharp knife from his inner sleeve, flicking it in the air with a menacing grin.

"Your time is up kid, rue the day you crossed the young master."

Ryker simply grabbed his phone out of his pocket and began tapping away quickly. A notification sound rang out, which upon reading he sighed and closed it once more.

"Yeah, I don't think I will. Ah…I guess this is a good place to say this line…effort ugh"

The confusing words and odd actions did little to stop the advance of the men in front of him, but Ryker paid no attention to it as he stood up and pointed at the men in front of him. He took a deep breathe before yelling,

"You have activated my trap card: My little sister!"

The men stopped dead in their tracks, not out of fear but instead to laugh without end.

"Has he gone insane with fear?" asked one of the yes-men.

Their laughter was ended abruptly however, as a young girl jumped over all the men and in front of Ryker with an impressive back-flip, her skirt acting as if gravity did not exist firmly keeping the girl safe as well.

Landing on the ground with a posture that would no doubt earn a perfect score from any gymnastic coach, she flicked back her short brown hair and glared at the group of men in front of her.

"Who DARES to bully my brother?" said the girl under the shocked eyes of all the suited men, baring her teeth all the while.

"Little girl, you should not have come here. We are not so nice a group of people to stop our acts simply because a cutey asks us too…in fact…how about you come here and 'accompany' me and my men" said the man with glasses, licking his lips as he eyed the perfect proportions of the girl in front of him… this time exchanging one sick perversion for another.

"Shut up ugly. Scram already or face the consequences of trying to hurt my big bro" interrupted the girl.

"Gross dude, you are like…what 30 something? Shes only 17 man" said Ryker from behind his sister.

A vein popped on the face of the bespectacled man as he clenched the knife he was holding so hard that his knuckled turned white.

"You BITCH, how dare you insult me so…I guess you want it rough then. GET THEM!" screamed the man in a shrill voice, causing all the men in black to charge forth with their arms raised.

"Hmmph. Scum like you will only listen to violence" growled the girl, as she reached under her skirt with both hands and pulled out two muskets.

Bang bang, bang bang!

Rang the muskets she was holding, mowing down all the men in front of her with her fierce expression not even shifting in the slightest. Some in the back could not believe their eyes and ears, some even screaming

"HOW! How is a musket rapid firing!??"

"It just does" thought Ryker, shaking his head.

After the cries and begging for mercy ceased, right up until the last of the men in black had been gunned down as they tried to flee in panic, the girl stored her two muskets back under her skirt disappearing into who knows where.

"Such carnage…that is my little sister all right…" thought Ryker as he said a silent prayer for the fallen.

She spun around and faced her beloved older brother, her face reverting to the very definition of innocence and cuteness.

"Bro, are you okay? The scary men are gone now" purred the girl as she checked Ryker all over for injuries.

"I am fine Avlynn. You know how fast I am, who can catch me in all of town?" boasted Ryker as he walked side by side with his sister over the carnage on the ground below him.

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"Bro, call me Avvy like you usually do" whined Avlynn as she grabbed his arm and looked up at Ryker with upturned eyes.

Looking away from the sugary sight below him, in fear of suddenly developing diabetes, Ryker corrected himself.

"Sorry Avvy, guess I am a bit shook up after all hahaha"

"Don't worry bro, all the bad men are in hell now" said Avlynn as she slammed her shoe down on the head of one of the men she was walking over, causing a light groan of pain to be heard from below.

"Of course Avvy…" said Ryker, trying desperately to keep his calm facade.

He looked over his shoulder at all the twitching men on the ground, no doubt they were regretting having crossed such a violent yet lovable girl.

"Another one bites the dust…gah these cliché lines make me want to puke" groaned Ryker inwardly as he and his sister walked with their arms linked into the sunset.

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