89 Let's Announce Our Relationship

Translator: Yunyi

"But, if you do this, your relationship with Mr. Li will also be exposed. Yurou...I don't agree to this!" her assistant snapped, trying to stop her. "Even if we are no longer in this industry; even if we have to go back to the life we once led, we'll just suck it up a little. We don't need to sacrifice ourselves to damage the enemy."

"You Ge...don't you understand this industry yet?" Mo Yurou's gaze was filled with sadness, "Did you think because I've failed, Li Yu will just let me go? He won't! Don't forget, I have evidence against him in my hands, he won't go easy on me. Rather than waiting for that to happen, I might as well take the initiative and attack first."

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"Do you really...have to do this?"

"I want Tangning and Han Yufan to go down with me!" Mo Yurou clenched the pure white bedding in her fist; her eyes looked ruthless and were filled with certainty.

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