664 Extremely Awkward

Translator: Yunyi

Youth was not something to be determined by a person...


A few days later, 'The Savage Wars' held a grand press conference. That afternoon, Annie attended the event dressed in a long silver dress. Perhaps, due to the fact that she was still young, she did not know how to remain modest as she treated herself like the female lead and tried to steal the limelight.

To put it bluntly, her name simply appeared in small font in the corner. In fact, her name didn't even appear in the promotional posters. However, she was arrogant and proud, so she viewed 'The Savage Wars' much too highly.

Behind the stage of the press conference, Annie ran into Matt in the corridors and greeted him warmly. However, Matt had no idea who she was. Only after his assistant reminded him did he slightly remember.

"Hello, Director. I will definitely try my best."

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