1 Tree

World has changed a lot, people work from morning to evening to live their daily life and in the mean time we never spend time for ourselves and for the loved ones. In the fast moving world people want to speak with strangers in facebook, twitter, instagram etc.. but never have time to speak with parents or friends. And many people died because of suicide, the reason behind this suicide was depression and lack of sharing your depression with your close people. Suicide is like fashion nowadays. One monk silently noticed everything what's happening all around the world and he wants to do something to stop these things. One day he decided to have some conversation with people according to agewise, so he made arrangements accordingly. First he started with kids to know about their mentality. Kids were so brilliant enough but only few kids were keen in listening towards what he is telling, others want their mobile phone to play games. After some time he decided to speak with adults till age 30. Everyone wants to become rich but they doesn't want to work hard, this is the mentality of half of the people. And many guys were looking so dull, monk then asked those people what is the reason behind your sadness? Then the conversation started, the answers given by the guys are love failure, family problem, future fear, loneliness etc.. Then atlast he called people beyond age 30 and they also told the same thing. Then monk reached his place and thinking keenly about what happened to this society, why people doesn't want to share anything which is concerned about their life and why people want to do suicide as it is such a beautiful life..

Next day monk got one idea and announced in Tv that I have magical tree in my Forest which gives you peace and whatever you wish. But everyone have to come with their friends and family without mobile phones and electronics devices are prohibited. People have to stay there for two days, so come accordingly. After the announcement many people started to call the office and booked their ticket which is free of cost. And the day has arrived, forest was surrounded by family and friends with happy faces and everyone went to monk, he with smile took each and every group deep inside the forest and there are lots of trees with blossom and bloom. Monk told everyone, for each family one tree and you should stay near the tree, should not move away from the tree and the things which are required for them were provided to them. Two days passed and it's time to say goodbye to everyone, everyone came towards monk with happy face with no worries and frustration with full of joy. Everyone told monk magical tree was so good that we are so happy when we were there, monk smiled at everyone and told it's not the magical tree which gave you peace and happiness, it's the people who loves you most gave you peace. Two days you didn't had Mobile phones or any electronic device and so you have spent whole 48 hours with your family and friends.We forgot the people who loves us very much that's the reason behind this depression. Always stay with friends and family share with them whatever it is.

" In life we are the forest, to be a good forest it should be filled with trees, which is family and friends"

It's all about how you handle the situation. Monk asked everyone to leave and asked everyone not to reveal the secret to others. As he told nobody told anything to others and as years passed suicide was not there and world was happy without depression. Whole world was happy.

The End.

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