177 You Have to Work to Provide for Yourself

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Li Du had bought some beef yesterday. Angus beef and Limousin beef were everywhere in American supermarkets. These kinds of meat looked good and generous, but the taste was average.

What he bought was Hereford Beef, which was more tender than Angus Beef. Of course, the price was also higher.

When it came to food, Li Du was not stingy. In fact, if it weren’t because the ordinary supermarket didn’t have Blonde d'Aquitaine beef, he would have bought that instead.

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He repeatedly washed the beef to wash off any excess blood. After that, all that was left to do was to braise them in the cooker. He didn’t add a lot of spices, just some white wine and a bunch of onions.

As the meat was braised, he started thinking about the things that just happened. The bug had flown into Crispy Noodles’s head, just like the first time it went into Ah Meow’s head.

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