238 You Can, He Can’t

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On the way back to the beach, Li Du saw a group of kids inline skating.

Long Beach’s cycling path was famous throughout America, but there were not many cyclists. Most people were inline skating or skateboarding instead.

Looking at the kids cheering as they chased after each other, he felt a little envious. When he was their age, he was always either studying hard in class or helping his father sell savory Chinese crepes on the streets—these kids were enjoying their youth.

People led different lives; Mr. Li could not help but lament.

Back at the beach, Hans was exchanging kisses with a pretty redhead. Li Du did not want to interrupt him, and so said to Tina with embarrassment, "Sorry, my partner’s occupied."

Smiling, Tina said, "The first time I saw him, I knew that he was someone who could be occupied anytime during the four seasons of the year, the three months in each season, the thirty days in each month, and the 24 hours of every day."

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