136 Worthless Like Your Mother’s A*s

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Lucas was also very excited. Anthony had called him after paying the 51,000 dollars to get him to come over and organize the packing of the storage unit.

Li Du had correctly guessed that Anthony was acting under Lucas’s instructions to follow his bids. But what he had not guessed was that Lucas had also come to Sedona.

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To avoid humiliation, the Hispanic man did not participate in the auction directly. Instead, he waited at a motel, and was instructing Anthony and his men via the phone.

Anthony did not have the guts to buy a storage unit for 51,000 dollars. He had checked with Lucas before bidding at this price.

What he was sure of was that Li Du really wanted to buy that storage unit. After meeting up with Lucas, he said, "I swear on my family name that that fella was crazy with wanting—I could tell how strong his desire was."

"How strong?"

"As strong as you, boss, wanting Megan Fox!"

Lucas laughed, "Then his desire was indeed very strong."

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