427 Worship The Ancestors

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They left on their motorcycles. Pickel was left alone facing the forty strong men, of which there were two enormous men…

In this case, a line from "Fight Club" appeared in his mind which was: "Are you trying to be a coward for a lifetime or are you going to be a hero, if only for a few minutes?"

Pickel decided to be a coward without any hesitation. He bowed down and walked to the storage company.

Hans said, "Hey, stop."

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Pickel pretended not to have heard anything and walked even faster. He went directly into the security guard's room in front of the units.

Li Du and others walked over, but the security guards stopped them and asked, "What are you guys doing here?"

"To destroy everything and to take away all your jobs," Olly said sourly.

Immediately, the security guards became nervous. The leader even took out his cell phone and threatened them, "Leave now, otherwise I will call the police!"

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