100 World's Oldest Rodeo

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The Iron Knight cost 120,000 dollars before taxes. And the price didn't include the semi-trailer that they would need to get as well.

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A high-end Mercedes-Benz limousine S-600 cost no more than 140,000. Getting the Iron Knight was similar to buying a luxury car.

Li Du gave this some thought and decided to get it.

Natalie was taken aback. "Wow, are you really going to spend 120,000 dollars to get a truck? That's crazy."

Hans gave Li Du a bear hug. "Li, if we were the same color, I would definitely do a DNA test. We could be long lost brothers!"

Sophie giggled and teased, "Aww, even if you guys are not brothers, maybe you two can be a couple."

"As long as he is willing." Hans pretended to look at Li Du lovingly.

"Stay away from me!" Li Du laughed.

Li Du made the payment in cash just like the time he bought the BMW Z4 for Hannah.

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