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Li Du told his parents where he was going and then drove the car towards Phoenix, together with Sophie.

To help the new men learn the ropes as soon as possible, Brother Wolf brought them all along. Together with Firecracker and Big Ivan, Li Du now had a total of eight bodyguards with him!

Li Du started the Muscle Car Hellcat. As that car had been out of use for a while, he had to work to start it.

According to the GPS, Hellcat had driven into an expressway named Colin Trail that was in the main city. It was a poor area near Phoenix. The buildings were neglected, and the roads were narrow and filthy.

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Su Nan was staying in one of the motels there and had arranged to meet Li Du at the junction.

Li Du saw Su Nan standing at the junction, clad in a thin, orange-red down jacket. He was hugging his arms as he squatted by the road.

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