959 Woman’s Gold

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Lilikas waved to Abdo, who was cooking over a fire, and spoke a few words in Zulu. Abdo nodded silently and walked quickly forward.

Sophie looked at the lion hunter and asked tentatively, "What are they looking for? Woman's Gold? It's a, uh, herb?"

She was an expert in Western medicine and not a stranger to herbal medicine either. Western medicine was not only good at chemical synthesis, but also at extracting medicinal ingredients from plants.

The lion hunter drew out a cigar, cut its end, and said, "Yes, Woman's Gold. It is supposed to be called shea butter. That is good stuff."

Sophie was worried. "Is it reliable? Don't get me wrong. I'm not questioning your traditional medicine. He is my fiancé, so I need to be careful."

The lion hunter lit his cigar, puffed out a cloud of smoke and said with a smile, "I understand! You can rest assured that it is very reliable. I have seen many such cases. Shea butter can cure the burns in a few minutes."

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