143 With Human Labor

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Every storage auction was a battle, and when it came to selling the goods, it was like the Battle of Yamazaki.

Hans had successfully secured his victory. The moment he pointed out the key facts about these alligator skins, Hart laughed, and that was when Li Du knew that they were going to win.

The two parties began officially negotiating their prices, which was what Hans was good at. Li Du didn’t need to participate, so he brought Godzilla outside and they went to find some cold beverages.

The weather was too hot. The moment the door opened, heat waves struck them head-on.

With a large cup of iced orange juice at hand, Godzilla downed it in one gulp.

Li Du tapped the counter and said, "Another five cups."

Godzilla said apologetically, "Too many."

"Ah? Can’t drink anymore?" Li Du asked in shock.

Godzilla rubbed his hands together. "I can."

"Then another five more cups."

Godzilla gleefully looked at the table full of large cups, his face beaming with happiness.

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