371 With All Efforts

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After some time, Lil’ Rick came back.

He passed a name card to his father as if he were presenting a prestigious item. "I’ve found out who he is. His name is Oscar Liu. An employee from the Beijing Museum, he is mainly involved in wooden crafts. He is here in America for a tour and has been invited to appraise some Mahogany furniture during this trip."

"What’s the authenticity of the Mahogany furniture?"

"He refused to reveal anything related to it," Lil’ Rick said in frustration.

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Rick walked away. After a few minutes, he returned and said to Frank, "I’ve asked the Chinese man to stay. Would you like to talk to him?"

Frank flashed Lil’ Rick a condescending smirk. "This is your territory? You can’t even question someone on your own territory?"

Rick gave his son a disappointed glance. If he couldn’t even get the crucial information out of that man, what was the use of this son of his?

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