1044 Wild

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The first warehouse had a bunch of furniture that was awaiting repair works. It was neatly and looked spectacular.

The treasure hunters were dissatisfied and started to pout, complaining: 

"What is this? Alright, a load of trash, who would want that?"

"Would still have to hire a good furniture repairman after buying this. Buddies, if you are bidding for this, better think of what you can afford."  

"Whoever wants it can take it, I'm moving on."

Li Du smiled. You guys are looking down on this warehouse? Then you will be even more disappointed with the ones to follow!  

A treasure hunter who was familiar with Li Du's capabilities came over to say hello. "Hi, Boss Li. I heard that you visited Africa a while ago. How was it?" 

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Li Du said, "Not too bad. You should take a trip to South Africa as well. This season is very suitable for diving, it's absolutely stunning."

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