274 Widening the Trap

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Clearly, the Mormons and Garter had achieved some sort of contact. Garter thought that Hans and Li Du didn’t know about the background of the distilling boiler.

Hans couldn’t be bothered to waste too much of his breath with Garter. He said plainly, "75,000 dollars. That’s the final price. If you’re willing to buy it, then pay up and leave with it. If not, we’ll negotiate with other people."

Garter widened his eyes and said to him, "No, bro, wait—are you sure you’re not crazy?"

"I’m perfectly sane," Hans said.

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Garter shook his head, and said, "Alright, you’re sane, but you’re making an insane offer! Seventy-five thousand dollars? Bro, do you know how much your chandelier sold for?"

"How much?"

"Two thousand dollars!" Garter said helplessly. "After fixing and selling it, I only got 2,000 dollars!"

"And then?" Hans asked.

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