226 Why’d You Stop Smiling?

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After alighting, Li Du started assigning tasks immediately. "Go clear unit 11 up, Godzilla; you’ll need to expend a lot of strength today."

"Got it, Boss!"

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The Mexican giant took off his shirt and revealed the small vest that he was wearing. With each slight movement he made, the rock-hard muscles would stretch the vest by outrageous amounts.

Frank was walking toward them, but after witnessing this scene, he changed his path quickly.

Li Du felt good. He was making plans to find a way to hire that huge fellow Big Quinn. With Big Quinn, a lot of troublesome things could be resolved.

The cleaner Big Quinn wasn’t just unmatched in strength, he also had a smile that would even scare the devil.

Frank and York had brought twenty men to clean up their units. They split themselves into groups of four to five people to simultaneously clean up the five units.

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