1073 Whose Hell

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Under Li Du's cold stare, Raymond spilled out every single thing he knew about the

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Miami prison.

There were four prison areas in total and each area could hold up to two hundred and

fifty people. About nine hundred people were held up in the prison right now.

There weren't many heavy criminals locked up in here. Miami's most dangerous

criminals were sent to Philly prison that was not too far.

Hence, the criminals in Miami prison weren't too fierce. As long as they kept a low

profile, they wouldn't be in too much trouble in prison.

However, there were clans in the prison, mostly formed on an ethnic basis, such as

Caucasian, African American African, Mexican and so on. As there were just a few

Chinese people in the prison, there was no Chinese clan, only an Asian one.

Being part of a clan could help one avoid being bullied, but there was also a hierarchy

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