194 Who Did It

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Raccoons were good swimmers. But as Crispy Noodles was kicked into the pool unexpectedly, it was only natural that the raccoon panicked and struggled in the water.

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Li Du quickly got into the pool and held Crispy Noodles in his arms.

The poor raccoon was frightened and hugged Li Du’s arm tightly with its paws, whining, and Li could feel its heart pounding furiously.

Ah Meow needed to be taught a lesson for bullying Crispy Noodles.

Li Du stared at Ah Meow. Both Li and Ah Meow’s eyes met for an instant and the ocelot immediately bolted and disappeared amongst the green bushes.

Hans laughed loudly at the funny scene he witnessed. "Li, what are you going to do now?"

Li Du was cross. He was angry with the ocelot for bullying the raccoon and running away to avoid punishment.

Li Du called out for Ah Meow furiously. "Ah Meow, come back here! I am really, really angry now!"

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