880 What Do You Want to Do

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In Conrad's mind, he was the son of George Anthony, and even though George was now in New York, he had once been the treasure hunting king of Arizona. Since he was the son of the treasure hunting king of Arizona, that naturally made him the prince. So when he came to Phoenix and met the Tucson gang, and the Tucson gang worked to get into his good graces, he went ahead and took them in.

After what had happened in the parking lot yesterday, he knew Princeps had used him like a weapon. However, he didn't mind, because it demonstrated his status and value. Conrad had grown up doing business with his father. He knew that relationships between people were an exchange of interests. If he could not bring benefits to others, why would others try to please him? Now, it was Princeps' turn to bring him benefits, but he found Princeps was unwilling to step up!

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