511 What’s The Situation

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Li Du's skills insinuated fear in the local treasure hunters that gathered around. The man that was under his grip screamed in agony. "Let me go you son of a b*tch! You dare do this here? Chase him out!" 

Flagstaff's treasure hunters stood united behind Li Du. It seemed like a clash was unavoidable; Hans refused to show any more weakness and stood in front of the group of Tucson's treasure hunters. "What? You want a group fight?"

Tucson's treasure hunters talked big but they wouldn't dare to participate in a group fight.

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It wasn't the first time Li Du had gotten physical of others. This time it wasn't just on treasure hunters, but on gang members. He virtually never lost a physical fight.

The news regarding his martial arts abilities and other fighting skills had spread widely among treasure hunting circles.

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