1109 Welcome Gift

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Brother Wolf had a habit of driving in silence, concentrating and never talking.

Li Du liked to have discussions with others when he looked through the documents, especially when the information was unclear.

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All he could do was talk to Sophie, who was making him frustrated in many ways."Wow, this guy has big specs!"

"Wow, he's so cool!"

"Wow, that handsome boy's legs are so long!"

When Li Du stopped talking to her, Sophie kept laughing.

Li Du's parents' flight arrived in the evening. Sophie's parents showed up, both of them dressed very formally. Mr. James wore a suit with a jacket, and Mrs. Martin wore a suit with a long skirt.

After meeting them, Li Du hugged them, gave them welcome gifts and said with a smile, "I'm really sorry that I didn't accompany Sophie to pay you a visit when I came back from Africa."

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