239 We Are Partners

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"Valerie, this must be a joke!" Hans said.

The plump lady frowned. "No, this isn’t a joke. Big Fox, you’ve only had one earning more than 100,000 dollars, and this was that time."

Hans could not help but laugh. "How can that be? Last month, we had one deal from Arizona State University in Tucson from which we got 200,000 dollars. No problem with that earning, right?"

The plump lady nodded and said, "Yes, no problem, but the income distribution ratio between you and Li is 40-60, so you did not get 100,000 dollars."

Hearing this, both Li Du and Hans were stupefied!

They looked at each other. Mr. Li said, "We changed the distribution ratio."

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Hans said softly, "I-I-I had wanted to put it on record, but I think I forgot to."

The plump lady said in surprise, "Isn’t your distribution ratio four to six?"

Li Du gave her bitter smile. "No—previously it was, but we changed it to equal parts."

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