720 We Are Going to Be Rich

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The policemen looked as though they had encountered a formidable enemy. With a wave of the old African American policeman's hand, someone loudly ordered the auctioneer to step out of his car. The auctioneer looked displeased. "What are you guys doing?"

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Once he had stepped out of his car, two policemen brought two sniffer dogs over and began searching the car.

Subsequently, one dog began barking at the front passenger seat. A policeman put on gloves and went over to carry out a thorough search. After searching for a while, the policeman pulled out a box from the back of the seat.

He removed the tape and found crystals inside the box!

Seeing this, the vicious auctioneer was immediately confused and exclaimed, "This is not possible, d*mn it! What's going on? This isn't possible!"

With the box opened, the two sniffer dogs started barking even more wildly. Evidently, the crystals inside the box were drugs.

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