998 Warlord

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Li Du kept his eyes on Good. What is this old lunatic going to do now? 

Good smiled as he walked towards the boy. Picking up the diamond deliberately with

his thumb and index finger, Good said, "Child, did you take this? Why did you steal my

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The boy looked at him, trembling in fear and trepidation.  

Now face to face with Good, he had lost all his courage to struggle for freedom. He

shook his head firmly and mumbled something in a language Li Du could not


Ever since Li Du arrived in Africa, he felt that language was the greatest barrier and

inconvenience. The local tribes spoke different tongues, none of which he could


Good ignored the boy's words, though it was unclear whether it was because he could

not comprehend the language. In any case, Good held on to the diamond, stood up and

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