379 Visiting the Daughter

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On the journey back, Hans asked, "Hey, buddy, won’t this expose everything that we did during this auction?"

"Yeah, so what?" Li Du replied. "We’ve achieved our goal of screwing Rick and Frank, those two b*st*rds, up. We didn’t hurt anyone else. So what if we’re exposed?"

"We should let everyone know so others won’t dare to mess with us anymore," Big Quinn added.

"It won’t just serve as a warning," Li Du said. "We’ve created friction in their relationships, worsening the bad blood between Rick and Harris."

When those two were working together, it made Li Du feel unsettled. Rick was a veteran of the storage auction business. Harris was an underhanded man. With the combination of these two, Li Du could be at a terrible disadvantage.

Needless to say, everything that had happened today was Li Du and Hans’s doing.

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