754 Unpreventable

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After a few consecutive dives, Li Du harvested two black gold abalones.

Seeing this, Victoria and Big Quinn's three children clapped their hands and shouted, "Boss uncle is really amazing!""Uncle Li is Aquaman!""Big brother is really awesome!"

Puzzled, Li Du scratched his head. What are the children shouting? I can understand them calling me uncle but why call me big brother? Are they confused with the titles?

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As it turned out, the person who had called him "big brother" was actually Ivana. As this was his first time seeing Ivana so happy, he didn't say anything.

Although Ivana and Victoria were both very introverted and shy, Ivana was more so. Once their friendship had started, Victoria, unlike Ivana, had become more confident, acting like an older sister to Ivana over time.

Now, Ivana was getting along with Big Quinn's three children. As Big Quinn and his wife were exceptional parents, their three children were very well-mannered.

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