1237 Unprecedented

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In a small town like Fort Davis, there was usually no professional warehouse company. The land was so cheap that people could build a structure in the backyard and use it as a warehouse.

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However, Fort Davis did have warehouses for stargazers, mountaineers, and students, who often came there because the observatory belonged to the University of Texas at Austin.

Li Du knew the University of Texas. It was a world-famous university, and it was very well-known in America, being a member of the Ivy League.

11 warehouses were up for auction, which was a lot for a town of just 2,000 people.

Because the owners of the warehouse were astronomy enthusiasts and mountaineers, the chances of valuable products inside were not low.

In particular, stargazers frequently rented warehouses, and if such a warehouse were to be auctioned off, treasure hunters would often be interested.

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