1246 Universe and Eon

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The cowhide notebook was supposed to be old, and the cowhide used for the cover was shiny with rubbing grease, almost covered with a layer of patina.

The paper was carefully maintained. Whether it was waxed or preserved with some other method, it looked shiny.

There were some very large words in the notebook, which Li Du did not recognize. There were only a handful of words on each page, all as big as walnuts. He glanced at them at random and could see them clearly.

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He did not know these words, but he had seen some of them before. He had seen at least one of them often on the left leg of the little bug and on its wings.

The little bug now had multiple legs and wings, and each time it grew a new set, it would have a complex pattern on them, kind of like a word.

Li Du could not find it, so it was just his guess. He had thought, maybe it was not the word, maybe those were just the markings on the bug.

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