1024 Unexpected

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Looking at the huge pit, Li Du inhaled. This is different from what I imagined.  

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He had imagined, or rather concluded from what Musa had vaguely told him, that there

should be a deserted mountain near the river. The river would wash large amounts of

Kimberlite rock as it flowed down the mountain. There would be raw, unrefined

diamonds in the river and on its banks.

However, what lay before his eyes was a deserted diamond crater, one that had already

been reclaimed!

It was a reclaimed mine with a river surrounding it. The area had been dug and pitted.

The earth was piled up beside the pits, forming little mounds. Those were the marks of

mechanical work.

Also, not long after they arrived at the abandoned crater, someone crawled out from the

crater pit.

Obviously, there were many others besides Musa who knew that there were diamonds

in the area. 

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