903 Unexpected Information

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They had agreed to meet at a cafe on Rodeo Drive. This street was undeniably one of the most famous streets on America's West Coast. Rodeo Drive was home to the epicenter of luxury, fashion, and lifestyle.

Kobe was easy to recognize since he was taller than most people. He wore a pair of sunglasses and sat behind a table. He tried to stoop low to remain unseen. Even so, he was still eye-catching.

The purpose of trying be inconspicuous was very simple. He didn't want to be recognized. He was extremely famous in Los Angeles as an iconic athlete. If he was recognized by his fans, they would definitely ask him for a photograph and an autograph.

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Li Du went up to Kobe and shook his hand… after asking for a photo with him.

Kobe actually loved making jokes. As Li Du asked for the photograph, Kobe laughed and asked, "Are there any other NBA players you admire? I can arrange it for you, photographs, autographs, and so on."

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