174 Unexpected Findings

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In the package, there were 21 smaller boxes. Each box contained four pills. The medicine was more valuable than gold, for it had a value of 4,000 dollars per box!

To the HCV patients, this medicine was a life-saving one, even if it was a private transaction. As long as one could prove the medicine was authentic, there would be buyers scrambling to get their hands on it.

Of course, under such circumstances, the price had to be lowered to look attractive; otherwise, buyers would prefer to get them directly from their doctors instead.

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Rick held the package carefully, while Lil’ Rick asked, "Anyone interested in this? Since we are in the same business, I can give a 20 percent discount."

The treasure hunter who had shouted "Sofosbuvir" earlier on showed his interest in the medicine.

He gulped before saying, "Big Rick, can’t you lower the price? Even after a 20 percent discount, the price is still too steep!"

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