159 Under The Great Honor

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Hans could not speak a word, it was too hot. He pointed at the rice wine and nodded his head desperately.

Li Du was not in a rush; he grinned and put some ice into the glass that was just washed. Then, he carried the wine bottle over and poured the rice soup-like wine into it.

It had been filtered by gauze, so the rice wine wasn’t thick. While pouring it into the glass cup, it flowed down the cup wall; as smooth as silk, as clear as crystal.

He first poured a glass of rice wine for Bedes and Nicole, the siblings. Bedes lifted the glass and shook it slightly. Cracking sounds were made when the ice hit the glass. He looked just like a sommelier.

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When it came to Hans, he took a long swig from his glass of rice wine. He burped. "How awesome is that!"

"Can’t you savor the rice wine?" Li Du smiled.

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