958 Ultraviolet Ray Poisoning

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Li Du and Sophie could only keep calling. They did not dare to shout too loudly because they were afraid they would make the hippopotamus angry.

However, Ali's actions have attracted so much attention that several soldiers, armed with guns, turned to watch the scene.

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Naturally, people cheered and talked. Their voices drowned out the alarmed calls of Li Du and Sophie, which Ali did not hear for a moment anyway.

A lot of people took out cameras to take photos, and some took videos with their mobile phone, watching happily:

"Haha, this baby kangaroo is really bold, is it provoking the hippopotamus?"

"I think this is boxing. Look at its steps, look at its fists, man. This is the real thing."

"But he's no match for a hippopotamus. Take a gamble. How long will it take for it to be killed?"

Li Du could not help shouting, "Ali, come back, damn it!"

At this, some of the yellow-skinned men looked at him and smiled. "Hey, brother. Chinese?"

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