927 Turned Out to be Neighbours

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Cole introduced them to each other. Everyone in the house was a major shareholder of Harry Winston. Most of them were over 50 years old.

Among these people, Li Du's equity shares were the third highest. The highest was Cole, who owned about half of the equity shares. The second highest was Carlston Fritz, who owned 14 percent of them.

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The two of them together with Li Du constituted the majority of Harry Winston Inc.'s equity shares. The other eight people's only amounted to 20 percent.

In Li Du's opinion, the person hostile toward himself was Carlston. He appeared a gentle, refined middle age man who wore glasses. However, Li Du was not overthinking this. He believed that his amount of shares threatened Carlston's power. Therefore, Carlston did not acknowledge him.

Besides his shareholding power, he was quite popular in the office. This was because he had practically saved Harry Winston Inc., which included everyone's equity shares.

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