509 Tucson Brotherhood

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After Li Du took a look, he immediately called Hans and the others over. Hans bent over to look at the hole and wasted no time in calling the police.

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Inside the pit contained pieces of bones. Deeper into the pit, yellow and brown radius and ulna bones of the forearm could be seen. It was evident that these were bones from a human hand.

Ah Ow struggled vigorously; her little paws stretched out as she attempted to get a bone from the pit.

Li Du smacked the puppy's butt and the little wolf cub stopped her struggles. She looked pitiful but at the same time greedily stared at the bones.

Earlier on Li had not known what she was busy digging for. Now he had come to the conclusion that Ah Ow must have smelled the rotten odor that the bones gave out, and hence, the cub had gone ahead to dig them up.

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