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Crew Cut Brother dodged and managed to avoid the lioness's smash. However, it was unable to shy away from the lioness' mouth.

The lioness bit down, with Crew Cut Brother in between her teeth, ready to kill. 

It was unclear how it did it, but Crew Cut Brother struggled like a slithering snake and the lioness was unable to keep it in her mouth. In fact, Crew Cut Brother even succeeded in being flung onto the floor, escaping the lioness.

Li Du knew the reason. Honey badgers had thick rubbery skin that was tough yet loose-fitting. Even if they were bitten by the deadly crocodile, honey badgers were capable of escaping by shedding their outer skin.

Having escaped, not only did Crew Cut Brother stop fleeing, but it turned and dashed toward the lioness before clawing at her!

The lioness was enraged and let out several roars. Other lionesses began to approach at top speed.

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