1043 Trick Him

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For the first time, Li Du saw Hans with such an expression in his eyes.

The impression that Hans gave him since the beginning was of being cynical, free,

easy, generous, and enthusiastic. He was just like a wild horse who liked to live a

happy, enjoyable life. He liked to be good and to help others.

Thanks to such a character, he barely had any enemies and rarely hated anyone. This

showed he was much kinder than Li Du, who held onto grudges easily.

When two people participated in the auction, they would always encounter provocations

and would usually turn into enemies. The main problem was with Li Du, as Hans has no

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Now Hans showed the other side of him, angry, venomous, disgusted. Li Du did not

know Hans could show such an attitude.

He looked over to a tall man in white, who was smiling at Hans.

Rad-Anthony stood next to this man in white and Li Du guessed at once that this man

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